What is it?

It is a service for tracking web pages for changes. You can sign up at the InfoMinder site for a free 30 day trial.

How Do People Use it?

Here are several ways people use InfoMinder.

  1. Lead Generation – By tracking sites that publish RFPs (request for proposals) for equiment, services, grants and filtering them using keywords, people obtain leads. Other lead sources include job pages, job sites, question sites etc.
  2. Competitive Intelligence – By tracking competitor’s pages people increase their awareness on new product introductions, new partnerships, customer wins and new news items. It is much more efficient to do this using a service like InfoMinder than manually checking pages frequently.
  3. Marketing – Several PR companies use InfoMinder to track news propagation, coverage and news clipping services.
  4. Sales – Sales people use InfoMinder for keeping informed about their customers. An event in a customer company may become a topic of conversation.
  5. Tracking Industry – Many companies use InfoMinder to keep track of developments in their own industry. They do this by tracking pages on portals specific to an industry.
  6. Aggregation of Information – Many government departments use InfoMinder to obtain and aggregate information specific to the departments.
  7. Legal Research – Several legal professionals use InfoMinder to track trademark, copyright violations, legal events.
  8. Compliance Information  – Several industries use InfoMinder to track sites that provide information about compliance.
  9. Corporate Research – Many corporate librarians use InfoMinder for product research, product technology information.
  10. Internet Research – Since InfoMinder can track your bookmarks easily, anything you were interested enough to bookmark can be tracked easily

At iMorph, we have tools for Finding, Tracking and Mining Information. If you have interest in this space or have questions, feel free to leave a comment on this page. We will be happy to answer any questions.

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