What is InfoMinder?

InfoMinder is a web-hosted service to track one or more web pages and notify you when these pages change. The notification is sent through your registered email or through an RSS feed. The notification contains information extracted from changed portions of the page and a link. The link shows page changes marked visually. 

Is it a licensed product or a service?
Since InfoMinder is a hosted web service also known as SaaS (software as a service), you need to subscribe to it and renew annually.
How do I obtain InfoMinder?

Go to www.infominder.infoassistants.com and register for the trial version or one of the subscriptions. .

What information do I have to provide to Register?

You provide your Name, Email Address, Affiliation, Industry and Job Position. Other profile information is optional. Some of it (like name, email address) are essential. We use Affiliation, Industry and Job position to find out how we can improve the service for your specific needs.

Do you support corporate accounts? How does it work?

You can either buy the Professional license or Premium license for each user. For corporate licenses with multiple users, please contact us sales@imorph.com

What are the possible uses of InfoMinder?

Our customers use InfoMinder in a variety of ways. A few sample uses are described below:

  • Research departments use InfoMinder to track thousands of pages. Legal researchers use Infominder to track court cases. Competitive Intelligence professionals use it to track company information by tracking several company pages. In addition financial research teams, Goverment researchers use it to track NGOs and create reports. 
  • Marketing departments use InfoMinder to track competitive products, press announcements, alliances, and partnerships of their competitors. Persons who perform these functions are always overloaded and cannot afford to spend the time to manually browse websites. By using InfoMinder, they only need to decide what pages to track. The grunt work is done by the service. 
  • Sales departments use InfoMinder to track and obtain sales leads. For example, some of our customers track RFP (request for proposals) pages for changes.
  • Consulting organizations use Infominder to track job postings in their customers’ sites. This provides them with information on the type of talent their customers and prospects are looking for.
  • Developers can track hacker news and other similar pages to see new discussions on tools, techniques, and trends. 
Do I need Internet connectivity to use InfoMinder?

To register and create minders or modify them, you need to be connected to the Internet. You can elect to receive alerts through email or via RSS feeds. Since InfoMinder watches these pages periodically and sends you notifications, you need not be connected to the internet all the time. 

Is there a limit to the number of URL's that I can track?

InfoMinder Trial is limited to 10 minders. The Professional license has a higher limit based on your subscription type. We have subscription packages for tracking hundreds of pages to thousands of pages. 

Can I track all the pages at a site with one URL?

The current version does not do it automatically. However, you can use many open source and free products to get a list of pages and upload them to our service. 

What is meant by: when a web page changes?

Any content change, which is visible to the eye in the text of the site, is considered a change. This does not include changes to meta tags, invisible fields, javascript or markup.

What is the baseline for a Change?

Any sequence of contiguous words on one page is considered a change unit. You can qualify this with some filtering criteria. For example, you may want to look for the occurrence of certain keywords in the changed text and get notified only when these keywords occur in the changed text. 

Can the depth of the search be limited?

Since we track only specified pages, this option is not applicable.

Can I define those changes?

In the current version there is no facility for you to define a change. If you have any specific requirements, please send us your suggestions at info@imorph.com.

Can I exclude some changes?

Yes. By applying keyword filtering criteria you can ignore changes that do not meet certain criteria. You can specify a set of keywords and test the changed text to see whether any of them or all of them occur in the changed text.

Do you support keyword minding?

Yes. You can use a single key word or multiple keywords to filter changes. You can also specify patterns in text as filters. 

Is there a way to see the extent of changes before seeing the entire web page?

You can opt to receive a digest of the changes through email by category. This will list the number of pages changed under each category and provide a brief summary of each change. You can preview this information and decide whether you want to view the full page with changes marked. The email includes a hyperlink to navigate to the changed page.

How are changes identified on a page?

They are highlighted using some default colors. You can change the color of these highlights. 

Does InfoMinder work with Intranets ?

No. We can only access web pages addressable openly. 

How frequently can changes be detected?

For trial and Professional version, we allow pages to be tracked daily or in units of days. For Premium versions, we allow tracking 4 times a day. 

Can I control how frequently pages are tracked?

You can set the tracking interval per minder or specify a default for all the pages. This is available only as a part of Premium subscription.

How am I informed that a web page has changed?

There are two modes. You can always log in to the InfoMinder site and view changed pages. 

In addition, you can have InfoMinder send you an email notification when a page changes. If you track a lot of pages, you can group them into categories and receive one notification for each category. You may also receive a single daily digest for all the pages as a single email. 

Can I get email at more than one email address?

Currently, we do not support this feature. However, you can create a role-based account (say teamx@abc.com) and use that email to receive alert notifications. 

Do I have to set up for HTML type mail to use InfoMinder?

The email contains a URL, which points to the marked page. So your mail format can be text or html.

Does the email actually show the changed web page or does it merely alert me that a change has occurred?

The email contains a preview (the first few words) of a change for each page. In addition, you can choose to receive the changed pages as attachments to your email. 


If my email service has restrictions on the size of the attachments to email, is that a problem?

Most of the email services we have seen limit the attachments to 1MB or 2MB. If that is a problem, you can choose to receive the URL reference instead of the embedded page.

How do I switch off minding a page?

We have an option to enable/disable a minder to temporarily suspend notifications. You can also delete a minder if you do not want to track a page. 

What is your privacy policy?

We do not share any of your information with others. When you share your minders, your email is sent to the other person. Other than that all the information is kept private. We have a way to list the top 10 minders (so statistically the most accessed minders will appear in this list).

All the profile information you supply including the authentication information is confidential and not shared with any one else.

Are there any restrictions on pages that can be tracked?

 If you can a page from a browser, we can track them. There are a few cases where you may not be able to track a page:

  • If the page requires a login, you cannot track the page with InfoMinder.
  • If a website admin requests us to block access to their websites, we honor their request.  You may not be able to track these pages at all. 
Is there a limit to the web page size that can be tracked?

In the Personal and Professional version the size is limited to 1 MB per page.

What are Alerts?

Alerts are notifications you receive when the page changes and meets the filtering criteria you specified.

How do I set an Alert?

By choosing an email alert and specifying the email address where you want to be notified.

Can I define my own message for the Alert?

We do not provide this option.

What information is contained in an Alert?

Typically the alert email contains a standard text template notifying you that the page has changed. If you chose a digest version, the changes are summarized for you. Depending on the option you have chosen, it may contain a URL where you can view the changes or both the URL and the image of the changed page.

Is the alert in the form of an email?

Yes. We support email alerts and RSS streams in the current version.

Can I get an alert to my web enabled cell phone?

If you can access email or RSS feeds from your phone, you can receive alert notifications.

How do you handle broken or invalid page addresses?

During tracking when a page access results in an error, we try a few times at random intervals. If the error persists, we disable the minder and provide you an error notification through email. We also mark the page as an error page and you can view this when you access your account on the web.

How do you handle Robot exclusions?

We do not support it at this point in time. We are not a spider (which typically crawl through a site looking at all the pages). We simply access the page you specify. We expect you to honor robots.txt.


How do you handle invalid email addresses?

We are considering disabling the minder on a fixed number of mail errors or soft bounces.

Can I organize the URLs that I am tracking?

You can associate a set of key words with each minder. You can categorize minders based on these keywords and get notifications digest for each category.

How do I categorize minders?

When you create a minder, you can specify a set of key words associated with the minder. You can either pick from a pre-defined list or add new keywords of your own. For example, if I want to look at a company page and categorize the company as “Possible Investment”, “Competition”, “Prospect”.

Can I import URLs that I have book marked?

Yes. We provide you a procedure to import bookmarks from Internet explorer and Netscape navigator.

Can I export URLs that I am minding to Bookmarks?

Yes. We provide a mechanism to export URLs to Netscape navigator bookmarks, XBEL, OPML and CSV formats

Which browsers does InfoMinder support?

We support Chrome and Firefox. It should also work on many of the browsers that support W3C standards. 

Can I use InfoMinder to track changes to a result set of a search engine query?

This feature is not currently supported in the product.

Can we update the change notification information into a database?

The best way to do this is to obtain the alerts as RSS feeds and write an application to read these feeds and update the database. Our Professional Services group can build it as a custom solution, if you need it.