Tracking Web Pages

In InfoMinder, you set up minders to track web pages. A minder is like a bookmark on steroids. In addition to the URL, a minder includes a description, a set of keywords and several other attributes. See MinderAttributes for more details.

Creating Minders

You can create minders in several ways.

  1. Importing Favorites or Bookmarks – You can import favorites or bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. You can also import bookmarks from other formats like [CSV], [XBEL] and [OPML]. The number of bookmarks you can import depends on the number of the minders in your subscription and your MinderLimit.
  2. Using the Create Minder Form  – You can create a minder by choosing the Create option in the InfoMinder web form. This will allow you to type the URL, a description and a set of category keywords. Category Keywords allow you to group minders.

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