Tracking Blogs

Why track Blogs?

Blogs are increasing in popularity. In addition to providing news, blogs provide different perceptions on events happening in the world. More and more people depend on blogs for both current information and difficult to obtain. Blogs are not just for news. They are one of the most important avenues for sharing knowledge.

You can track blogs using InfoMinder to get a notification

How to track Blogs with InfoMinder?

There are two ways you can track blogs with InfoMinder.

  • Track blog as a web page
  • Track blog as an rss feed

The benefits of tracking a blog as a page include the ability to not only get notification of new blog entries but also other events on the blog like new entries in the blogroll new categories and resource links.

The benefit of tracking using RSS feeds is that you only get changes to the blog and not likely to get any other extraneous alerts.


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