What is RSS?

A format for syndicating news and other content. This is the technology that powers blogs. More info on RSS from Wikipedia.

What is RSSMinder?

RSS Minder is a feature of InfoMinder. It enables you to:

1. Track RSS feeds for changes. You can track several versions of RSS and Atom.

2. Track web pages and blogs and obtain alerts as RSS feeds. This allows you to syndicate the changes found using an RSS Reader or Aggregator and distribute them to your customers.

How can I use RSSMinder?

Information is increasingly distributed as RSS feeds on the web. For example, Yahoo provides a way to search the web and receive the results as RSS feeds. Blogs are also published as RSS feeds. RSSMinder helps you to track these changes effortlessly.

You may choose to receive InfoMinder Alerts as RSS feeds. You can then use an RSS Syndicator to store a history of changes.


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