Features of InfoMinder Trial, Professional, and Premium Versions

Trial and Pro versions:

  • Creating, editing, viewing, importing and exporting |
  • Creating minders using browser plug-in(both IE and Firefox)
  • Importing minders from other file formats
  • Exporting minders to various file formats
  • Editing minders (changing URL, description, keywords etc)
  • Deleting minders
  • Viewing minders (list view, tree view, sorting)
  • Searching Minders using keywords
  • Searching error minders
  • Updating preferences of all minders
  • Updating preferences for individual minders
  • Tracking, alerts, RSS feeds and blog support
  • Tracking Deleted text
  • Filtering alerts based on keyword expression
  • Receiving email alerts
  • Receiving alerts as RSS feeds
  • Navigating through changed pages
  • Creating blogs from changed pages

InfoMinder Premium Features

  • All the features of InfoMinder Professional
  • Tracking multiple times a day

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