You can change the following attributes of a minder at any time. The next scan will use this information to generate an alert.

  • Page Location – This is the URL for the minder and is used to locate the page by InfoMinder.
  • Description – You can associate a description with each minder. Since URLs can be very cryptic, this helps you remember what page you are tracking.
  • Categories – You can specify multiple categories (either keywords or phrases) separated by commas for each minder. Categories help you tag minders and group alert email messages.
  • Enable Tracking –  When you create a minder, it is automatically set to Tracking=”Yes”. However sometimes, you may want to disable tracking a page. If you do not want the minder at all, you can delete it. You can temporarily disable tracking pages by setting Tracking= “No”.
  • Changed Text Color – Specifies the color to which the changed text is set.
  • Changed Text Background Color – Instead of changing the color of the text, you may elect to change the background color to produce an effect similar to highlighting the text.
  • You may also choose to have both the color of the text and background changed.


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