Release Notes

Aug 11, 2012

We are pleased to announce updates to InfoMinder site with the following enhancements.

  • For weekly tracking, you can now specify preferred day of week and time slots.
  • Several enhancements to better manage large number of minders
  • Usability improvements

Specify preferred day of week

If you are tracking minders with weekly frequency, you may have been getting alerts on different days of the week depending on the day the minder was created. Now, you can specify your preferred day of the week in preferences page. In addition, existing preferences to specify the time slots can also be utilized to further control the time of alerts. Irrespective of when you add a page to be tracked, your page will be checked on the specified day around the time you choose.

Improvements to manage your minders

Several of InfoMinder users indicated that they have difficulty in finding and navigating minders, especially when they have more than 50 or 100 minders. Based on this feedback we have made several enhancements:

  1. Improved minder search with support for matching all keywords.
  2. See upto 250 minders in a single page in minder listing view
  3. Filter minders based on various criteria such as changed minders, disabled minders, minders with error etc. You can also combine this with search option to find exactly what you are looking for.

Usability improvements

We have fixed several annoying issues, difficult to understand messages.

  1. Include hours & seconds part while displaying last change detected date (to help users who track minders multiple times a day)
  2. Improved the minder listing view such that minder description is displayed completely and makes better use of column space.
  3. Change Email addresses of all minders from one place.
  4. Switch between minder flat list view and category based view while maintaining the search and filter options intact
  5. Fixed error messages related to minder creation errors so that the messages are easy to read and understand

Apr 07, 2005

InfoMinder v2.0 is now released. Here are the new features added in this release.

  1. Track pages that require cookies
  2. Track pages that require submission of forms
  3. Track Atom feeds
  4. Receive entire change summary in email (only in premium versions of the product)
  5. Two new premium products that alow you to track pages multiple times a day
  6. Provision to make ‘deletion tracking’ as default for new minders

Track pages that require cookies

Some websites use cookies to provide personalized content to users. InfoMinder allows you to track these pages by accepting the required cookies during minder creation. To make it easy, InfoMinder browser extensions are updated to include another context menu item. Install the new browser extension. If you already have the old one, uninstall it before installing the new one.

Track pages that require submission of forms

Sometimes the page that you want to track requires you to a fill in a form and submit. In othewords, the page that you want to track is not the form but the resulting page after you submit the form. Release 2.0 now allows you to specify the form data, perform form submission automatically and then track the resulting page.

Track Atom feeds

Atom is a syndication format like RSS and is gaining popularity. Many websites, blog editors and aggregators are making their content available as Atom feeds. InfoMinder can now track changes in these feeds.

Receive entire change summary in the Email

With the new release, we have included an option to receive entire change text in the email itself. This is available with the Premium products.

Premium subscription products

Several of you asked for the ability to track your pages more than once in a day. We added two new products to do this. If you are a Pro subscriber you can upgrade to:

InfoMinder Premium500 – Track upto 500 pages 4 times a day

InfoMinder Premium1000 – Track upto 1000 pages 4 times a day

Feb 10, 2005

InfoMinder v2.0 final beta released. New Major Features in this release:

  1. Changes to the User Interface
  2. Tracking pages at a specified time slot
  3. Change detection for deleted content
  4. Ability to track pages multiple times a day (only in Premium versions of the product)
  5. Support for Firefox
  6. Other enhancements and bug fixes

These are in addition to the features added in InfoMinder V2 Beta1. These features are described below.

Changes to User Interface

We changed both the web site and the InfoMinder interface. The interface is designed to decrease the clutter and provide more area for the display of data. It also allows you to step through changed pages online easily and see the changes in context.

Tracking pages at a specified time slot

Till now, InfoMinder read pages at a fixed time in a day. This version allows you to specify when you want to check all your pages.

Change detection for deleted content

In addition to tracking additions and modifications to a page, now you can track deletions too. There is an option in the minder settings that you can choose to get information about the deleted content.

Availability of tracking pages multiple times a day

Some users wanted to track pages multiple times a day. This is now available as a premium service (pricing details will be available later). You can track pages 2, 4 or 8 times a day. If you are interested in trying out this feature, please sign up for a trial account and send us the login id for activating premium features.

Support for Firefox browser

Now in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla, we provide a Firefox plug in. This allows you to right mouse click on any page you are browsing using Firefox and create one or more minders.

Other enhancements and bug fixes

There are several other minor enhancements introduced in the product. These include:

  • Better noise reduction in changes (better date filtering etc.)
  • Ability to suppress alerts if all change fragments are below a certain size
  • Better detection of non-printable characters and elimination of alerts caused by them
  • Improved formatting for RSS change alerts
  • Better support for XHTML pages
  • Subscription expiry information in email alerts

Oct 31, 2004

InfoMinder v2.0 beta is released. The main features include:

  • Blog Support
  • Syndication Support
  • Change Navigator
  • More Powerful keyword filtering
  • Tracking pages multiple times a day
  • Import/Export of Minders
  • Category enhancements

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June 17, 2004

InfoMinder site is updated with a blog. Read about it here.

Mar 7, 2004

InfoMinder site is updated with V1.5. This incorporates some of the infrastructure changes we have been making for our next release InfoMinder V2.0. This release includes:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Change to the IE Assistant to simplify addition of multiple minders
  • New Features
  • More Packages and easy way to upgrade to more minders
  • Administration changes (visible only to the InfoMinder Enterprise customers)

Bug Fixes The following bugs have been fixed in this release.

  • IE Assistant doesn’t allow to track URLs with spaces in URL parameters.
  • Trying to track some valid HTML pages throws “Unsupport content type” error.
  • InfoMinder doesn’t send User-Agent header during the validation of URL entered by user causing certain web servers to return HTTP status code 500.
  • Web Pages with some non US-ASCII/ISO-8859-1 encoded characters were flagged as changed every time InfoMinder sees.
  • Timeout during download of URLs doesn’t work with some web sites.

Changes to IE Assistant The current version of IE Assistant will work without any problems. However, if you would like to utilize some of the advanced features of this addin, you may want to uninstall the current IE Assistant and download and install the new one from the web-site.

New Features

  • Add Multiple Minders using IE Assistant – Includes a mechanism to extract multiple links in selected area (or in the entire document) and add them to your InfoMinder account in a couple of clicks. This will allow you to go to a web page, and add several pages pointed to by this page in one easy operation.
  • Alert Format Changes – The HTML formatted alert now includes any hyperlinks present in the changes. For most URLs, you should be able to click through the changes from within your email.
  • Maximum allowed URL size – Increased to 400 characters to enable you to track longer URLs.
  • Per-Minder Email address removed – Earlier versions of InfoMinder allowed the user to specify a different email address for each minder. But this is gone now as this seems to have caused quite a bit of confusion when Email address is modified in profile but not modified in existing minders.
  • Web Server friendly tracking – This version implements HTTP Conditional GET to make use of certain features offered by modern web servers about the last modification time of a URL (via Last Modified Time and ETAGs), thus reducing the bandwidth usage of the target Web Server.
  • Automatic reminders about your subscription expiry – Account expiration reminders are now implemented. This will allow you to renew your subscription in a timely manner.

Multiple products to subscribe with increased minder limits

No more account merging issues. InfoMinder now supports two more professional version products, Pro500 and Pro1000 with a minder limit of 500 and 1000 respectively. If you are already a subscriber to Pro100, you can upgrade to Pro500 or Pro1000 and increase the number of minders.

Feb 5, 2004

Technology Strategies is discontinuing InfoMinder Basic and replacing it with InfoMinder Trial Version. The trial version will allow 10 minders and will be valid for 90 days from the subscription date. The free Basic version will no longer be available.

May 6, 2002 (V 1.0)

InfoMinder Professional V1.0 is released with advanced features. InfoMinder Professional adds more features like increased minders and hourly tracking. Only $14.95 for 100 minders.

July 7th, 2001 (V 1.0 Beta 1.5)

Thanks to the enthusiastic usage, feedback and suggestions from a large number of users of our previous beta test version of InfoMinder, we are now able to release the next substantially improved version. Based on inputs from users, we have included several useful extensions to InfoMinder. Some of the significant features included in this release are:

  • Tracking for keywords in changed web page content – Instead of tracking any change, now you can qualify the change and get alerted only if the change is of interest to you. To accomplish this, InfoMinder now gives you an option to specify one or more keywords in the minder definition. You get alerted only if the changed content includes the keyword(s). You can further specify whether you are looking for any of these key words in the changed content or for all of them.
  • Organizing Minders by category – We found that a typical web user is interested in tracking several web sites and it is necessary to present the changes in the sites in a manner that suits the individual user. So, we introduced the categorizing feature whereby any user can associate meaningful categories to the minders, like “Competition watch”, “Technology News” etc. InfoMinder presents the changes neatly grouped according to the user-specified categories.
  • Finer control of tracking frequency – Previous version allowed tracking frequency of 1 day or 1 week only. Now you can set any minder to track at a frequency of any number of hours or days.
  • Tracking of RSS channels – Now you can create minders for RSS (Rich Site Summary) resources. Since RSS files are aggregation of news feeds of various categories sourced from a large number of internet resources and updated frequently, they are the focal points for monitoring the latest happenings. Ability to create minders on such resources provides “single window” points for staying in touch. InfoMinder even provides a directory of popular RSS resources from which user can pick for tracking.
  • MindThisPage facility for Web masters – This feature allows Webmasters to pro-actively facilitate creation of minders for pages of their Web sites. InfoMinder provides a MindThisPage button and a simple mechanism to include that button and associated functionality in the web pages. When a user visits such a page and wants to be alerted when the page changes, all that needs to be done is just click on the button; A minder gets created for the page.
  • InfoMinder add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer – A simple InfoMinder add-on module is now available for users of IE 4 and above. Once this is installed, while browsing, you can right click and choose to create a minder for the page that you are currently browsing. If you right click on a link in the page, you can also opt for creating a minder for the target page. This greatly simplifies the process of creating minders and also allow users to decide and act right in the midst of browsing. This add-on can be downloaded from the InfoMinder web interface.

Note that if a page has a MindThisPage button (see above), that gives the user part of this functionality and it is independent of the browser.

  • Improved search feature for locating minders – While in the InfoMinder user interface, if you have created several minders, it may be difficult to locate a specific minder for the purpose of viewing or editing its attributes. Now InfoMinder gives a search facility in all user interface pages whereby you can locate a minder by specifying one or more words for searching. InfoMinder will search for the word(s) in the URL or the description of the minders and list all such minders.
  • Improved graphics and user interface – The look, feel and functionality of InfoMinder user interface have been substantially improved.
  • Bug fixes – Most of the bugs reported from the earlier release have been fixed.

April 22, 2001 (V 1.0 Beta 1.4)

Thank you for your great feedback and suggestions. Based on your input, we have made considerable improvements to InfoMinder in this release. Here are some of the more significant changes.

New Features

  • Share Minders – Now you can share minders with your friends/colleagues with a few clicks. In the View Minders page, select the minders you want to share by clicking on the check boxes to your left and choose Share Minders option to e-mail them to one or more people. If they are already registered, they can add these minders to their list. If they are not, they will be requested to register and will be prompted to create (selectively) the minders mailed to them.
  • Better scheme of detecting page changes – We have considerably improved the change detection scheme in this release.
  • Preview of changed text in the body of the email – The email messages now contain a selected portion of the changes to the pages in the email. You can view this and decide whether you need to go to the changed page or not.
  • Search option to filter minders – If you track many sites, now it is easy to type a few keywords and filter them using the Search feature. The result list contains only the minders with the description matching the keywords.
  • Improved options for preferences – The following new options have been added to the preferences. These include: * ability to receive digests instead of individual email messages for notifications * ability to include preview of changed texts in your messages * ability to configure the date field for View Minders List
  • Ability to customize change colors for individual minders – Now you can choose the highlight and background color for each minder on an individual basis.
  • Better profiling of users – You can optionally update your profile to specify your interests. We plan to use this information to provide better customization and tips on interesting pages to track based on your profile listing.
  • Bug Fixes – Most of the bugs reported from the earlier release have been fixed and several minor UI improvements have been made, based on your feedback and suggestions.

March 29, 2001 (V 1.0 Beta 1.3)

First major release of InfoMinder